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Sadly, masses of ignorant Filipinos took the bait of  washed up comedian Adam Carolla. A simple glance at his Facebook page reveals that there are enough moronic Filipinos that are more than willing to dignify the flawed points of Carolla. As expected, the Philippine media is happy to add some fuel to the fire and lend a platform to the onion skinned mob to demonstrate their appalling denseness. Ignorance 1, Filipinos 0.

What caught my eye as this writer watched from the sidelines is the reaction of an independent journalist named Fernando Gagelonia. Despite years of working as a journalist, Gagelonia failed to do some research. Instead, he launched into a tirade on Carolla not unlike the Filipino ignoramuses(on the FB account referred earlier) who keep proving what Carolla has ranted about. See for yourself:

Gagelonia should have known better than to stoop to that level. Instead of acting like a siga and a kanto boy, he could have been calmly pointing out the flaws of Carolla’s rants. With veteran journalists like him around, is it any wonder why the Philippines media is so worthless and a good number of Filipinos are (unfortunately) dumb?

No offense to Gagelonia and his colleagues, but even Filipinos who can apply critical thinking regularly can’t just turn their backs to the stupidity of the Philippine mainstream media and its footsoldiers. The socio-economic and clerical elites gain an upper hand when independent thinkers cocoon themselves into a very narrow hole. It might be painful to pay attention to the mass media, but paying attention to it is a necessary evil. Just don’t drink Kool Aid even if the person serving it looks like her or him:

Disclosure: Yeah, the inclusion eye candy for both sexes don’t make much sense, but cut me some slack.  This blog needs a break from it usual fare.

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