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The onion skinned nature of some Filipinos reappears once again to demonstrate how ignorant some people can be. When comedian and former cable TV host Adam Carolla poked fun at Manny Pacquiao and his pathetic  bandwagon fans, a mob of ignorant Filipinos quickly formed, and is now on a war path with a foreigner who has allegedly done the country injustice.

If one is familiar with Filipinos and how they gravitate to the overdramatic, this should not come as a surprise. In fact, those cynical enough should expect such an incident to occur at least once yearly. Unlike last year when Chip Tsao came under fire for his literate and understated satire piece, the new “controversy” stirred up by another foreigner is less humorous, more direct, and should be equally harmless to Filipinos who can effectively use critical thinking.

To those that have yet to hear or read about the “controversy”, listen to the full audio or read a small portion of it courtesy of AntiPinoy.com:

He says he doesn’t give blood a week before the fight because it weakens him. I am gonna tell you if that was a white fighter or a black fighter from Atlanta, someone will say “What the Eff are you talking about, just give him your blood”. .. He’s a bloody idiot!

Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao.”

“Imagine this — what if Ray boom boom Mancini went to the Philippines to fight.. and then all that was all the United States was all about… the Unites States will close down when he would fight,… then when he’d come back here — he’d run for President –  then everything will be Boom Boom Mancini mania.”

“Get a fu**in life as a country”

“All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people”

“It’s fine to be proud of your countrymen — but that’s it? Get your shit together Philippines — That’s all you got? “

“It pisses me off when other countries just do that whole thing.  There’s one guy, he’s 5 foot 6, he’s 147 pounds, and he’s good at punching other guys in the head, and you’re gonna build your entire country around this guy?”

“Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?”

“What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Does your country go into depression?”

“You don’t build your life around LeBron James or Tiger Woods.”

Give yourself a pat on the back if you recognize some truths about the Philippines coming from that statement.

It is hard to understand how and why so many onion skinned people can find the statement “racist”. Don’t they know what comedians do? Have they been living under a rock to not know what rocking the boat means? Can they refute Carolla’s point about Filipinos pinning their ethnic and national pride on a mere person who happens to be an excellent boxer?

What this incident highlights is the flaw of onion skinned Filipinos. Instead of laughing and noting the flaws of Carolla’s points, they actually took offense. They’re actually giving a comedian who has seen better days far more importance. By taking the bait, they actually give him a new chance to have an audience he wouldn’t have had, and he used to have a bigger audience when his shows were on the US cable channels.

It’s actually refreshing to hear  someone poke fun at the absurdity of the Pacquiao/Mayweather dispute.  Not to mention the absurdity in elevating a flawed individual to be the anchor of one country’s ethnic and national “pride”.

There are several lessons that the seemingly permanently offended and under siege Filipino can learn out this nonsense:

1.) Humor, recognize it.

2.)   To anchor one’s ethnic and national pride on a broader set of criteria is preferable. Don’t base it on a flawed person

3.) If people are more critical (preferably the constructive kind), people wouldn’t be butthurt if one of us is called out for bullshit, even if that person is the “pride of the Philippines”.

4.)  Strive for marginal improvements which will make the Philippines have more world class athletes  and not be joked around as a place known for sex tours.


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I’ve previously written about how some Filipinos overreacted (more examples, read the responses as well: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)  at a piece of satire not even aimed at us. It seems everybody including Manong Tambay and one’s local tongressman congressman foamed at the mouth when they read the part about “nation of servants”. The writer, Chip Tsao, was under such pressure from the Philippine  warlords-thieves elected officials that at one point, he was blacklisted from entering the country (since he is not a 50 something white male in search of a 20 something Filipina wife, there’s no reason why he should visit the country).  Not to be outdone, the Filipina workers in Hong Kong staged their own rally to protest Chip Tsao and his employer. There were a couple of things that contributed to the success of  that Hong Kong protest. The Jollibee fast food restaurants were closed that day, and the Wowowee event scheduled to visit the city was postponed. Everything else being equal, having Jollibees nearby and a Wowowee event will lead to Filipinos entering a state of euphoria. Not that day it seems. The angry Filipinas marched and let their voices be heard. Unbeknownst to them, they also proved two things. First, the educational system of the Philippines is of low quality. The people who got angry couldn’t read between the lines. The foolish Filipinos who brag about their Ateneo, De La Salle, and UP degrees (all  useless outside the country) and got angry at Chip demonstrated how dumb they are. Secondly, the “controversy” proved that Filipinos don’t have an indepth grasp of English despite the often cited claim of Filipinos having the best English skillsets in Asia.

The whole event demonstrates that either some Filipinos can’t read between the lines or they love to be part of the herd (pasawsaw). I came across this post made by Joseph Dent in the excellent Indolent Indio that explains the matter to the mangmangs (ignorant) who need to be reeducated in Efren Penaflorida’s mobile classroom.

“My fellow Pinoys, Mr. Chip Tsao is defending Filipinos and Filipino maids and is actually ridiculing these so-called “Chinese patriots”.

When Tessie Tomas pretends to be a rich matrona in “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata” and then says outrageous, ridiculous mata pobre things, Tessie Tomas is not really mata pobre, instead, she is exposing the mata pobre of the Filipino upper class. That is how this article works as well: satire. In the article, Mr. Tsao is pretending to be one of these Chinese patriots. He then proceeds to say outrageous, over-the-top, racist statements to show them that the viewpoints of his fellow Chinese citizens are in fact outrageous, over-the-top and racist!

In the first paragraph, he exposes the hypocrisy of the Chinese government when they turn a blind eye on Russia and Japan’s violations (who are big nations), but suddenly become a bully when it comes to the Philippines.

He then exposes what you guys are angry about: that some of his fellow Chinese citizens in fact look down on the Philippines as a “nation of servants”, and that’s why the government is not afraid to bully us. (note Mr. Tsao does not believe we are a nation of servants, he is still playing the part of the proud Chinese patriot)

Now there really is no Louisa. You guys got so angry about how he treated his domestic helper, but she doesn’t really exist. Again, this is still part of the act. When he mentions Louisa has a degree in International Politics and then shows her a map, he is exposing how ridiculous the Chinese are because Mr. Tsao knows that according to the map, the Spratly Islands are in fact close(r) to the the Philippines and according to International Politics, we do in fact have a right to lay a claim on it.

In the next paragraph, Mr. Tsao is actually defending the dignity of Filipino maids. He is condemning his fellow Chinese citizens for their lack of respect and appreciation for their maids who work long hours for them, and showing them what hypocrites they are for hating on the Philippines when in fact they rely so heavily on these upstanding Filipino citizens to keep their households running smoothly.

Then he actually points out that the Chinese are wrong to belittle Philippines given the fact that we have good ties with the USA. Finally, he ridicules the propaganda of his own government back in eh day.

So you see, everything he said here, what he really meant is the opposite. He’s just acting the part of the “racist Chinese patriot”. He is exposing how offensive and ridiculous his fellow citizens and his government are, and the fact that we got so angry proves his point: that how his fellow citizens and his government are behaving is very shameful.

Let’s not throw abuses at Mr. Tsao. He is on our side.”

tl:dr Mag isisp ka! Critical thinking skills won’t kill you.

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A writer of  little importance named Chip Tsao wrote a partially effective satire. His piece caught the anger of many Filipinos. Unfortunately those fools don’t know what satire is. Those fools also fail at context. For a country that prides itself on its allegedly good grasp of American English, shouldn’t it know better? Here’s the original piece:

Just do your research about the Chip Tsao “scandal”. To the Filipinos offended by Chip: Inglisero ka nga pero mahina ang kukote mo.

It is unfortunate that many who overreacted can’t understand context. The bit about Hong Kong residents ordering others to shout “long live Chairman Mao” is a pretty obvious  hint that the writer is joking. One has to be an idiot or drunk to miss that point. I’m not even touching that part about the Chinese writer being nonchalant about the Russian sinking a Hong Kong ship and the Japanese claiming a disputed island. That would be too much for Filipinos to understand. Perhaps some of those Filipinos who got mad should take classes in Efren Penaflorida’s kariton classroom.

What do you think about the “controversy”?

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