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A writer of  little importance named Chip Tsao wrote a partially effective satire. His piece caught the anger of many Filipinos. Unfortunately those fools don’t know what satire is. Those fools also fail at context. For a country that prides itself on its allegedly good grasp of American English, shouldn’t it know better? Here’s the original piece:

Just do your research about the Chip Tsao “scandal”. To the Filipinos offended by Chip: Inglisero ka nga pero mahina ang kukote mo.

It is unfortunate that many who overreacted can’t understand context. The bit about Hong Kong residents ordering others to shout “long live Chairman Mao” is a pretty obvious  hint that the writer is joking. One has to be an idiot or drunk to miss that point. I’m not even touching that part about the Chinese writer being nonchalant about the Russian sinking a Hong Kong ship and the Japanese claiming a disputed island. That would be too much for Filipinos to understand. Perhaps some of those Filipinos who got mad should take classes in Efren Penaflorida’s kariton classroom.

What do you think about the “controversy”?


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